Snow Day Policy

Our policy for snow days are as follows:
If Meriden Schools are closed for the day, we are closed.
If schools have a delayed opening:
Blue Room – no school
Red and Yellow room extended day- session begins @ 10:30 am
If Meriden Schools have an early dismissal, we will not have an afternoon session.  Dismissal time for extended day classrooms will be 1:00pm.
Please use your own discretion when deciding to bring your child in on snow days.  We will update our message whenever we have either a snow day or a delay in opening.
Please remember that if the City of Meriden has a parking ban in effect, parking on Washington Street is not permitted.  Parking is available at the Boys and Girls Club, and also in the municipal lot on the other side of the church.  The entrance to the building on that side of the church is locked.  Please ring the bell.  If there is no answer, please call us at 203-634-8886 and someone will be happy to let you in!  Keep in mind that there are stairs to our level if you use that entrance

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