Nationally Accredited First Congregational Preschool in Meriden, CT

First Congregational Preschool in Meriden, CT is a nationally accredited childcare center providing high-quality child care services and child care programs. Our preschool program focuses on a curriculum that is play-based, as we know children learn best through play. Play is what enhances a child’s ability to learn and grow. Thus, we focus our preschool curriculum and childcare service all around play.

Furthermore, our pre-K curriculum is centered around your child and their interests. All of our curriculum is intentionally child-based. This helps prepare your child for future academic development and growth as they advance through each grade of elementary school and beyond.

To help engage children’s natural curiosity, we focus on STEAM – science, technology, engineering, art, math – in our curriculum. In this way, they get a good basis of such subjects as mathematics, science, and art.

We also employ enrichment activities to help supplement the classroom experiences. For instance, we have had musicians, karate instructors, nutritionists, and more professionals to help support our curriculum and lead to children gaining additional knowledge beyond what can be read in a textbook.

To further encourage children’s natural curiosity, we encourage open communication about the topics and subject matter we present. Children lean how to critically think about these topics and how to ask relevant questions related to them.

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If you have any questions about our curriculum, go here and submit the form. We will reply back and answer any questions you have to the best of our ability. Entrust us to begin your child’s academic career in the best way possible.