Enrichment Programs

Our schedule includes weekly enrichment activities, along with monthly specials. All enrichment activities are available to ALL children at no additional cost.

The weekly activities include:

  • Healthy eating activities
  • Cooking and taste testing activities – what better way to get your child to eat healthier than by using the power of peers to help children expand their eating preferences.
  • Yoga by a certified yoga instructor. By practicing yoga poses, children learn how to exercise, develop confidence, and concentrate better.

Monthly activities include:

  • A monthly “special” – enrichment that varies each month, for example, puppeteers, storytellers, sea animals as well as land animals are brought into the program for children to touch and learn about.
  • We venture out several times yearly for field trips – we go to the apple orchard, the park and  to the fire station each year.
  • Music therapy – helps children to recognize feelings, with transitions and following directions through music
  • Music program – monthly music sessions developed by the founding director, she uses the autoharp to sing and tell stories with the children.
  • Karate – Baran’s Kenpo Karate comes in each month for a karate session with all children.