Why First Congregational Preschool

First Congregational Preschool provides excellent quality care to children and families in our community since 1967.  We believe that play is children’s work and use play to give children a love of learning, while working on the skills that children will need to be successful in school and in life.  We achieve this by connecting with our families.

We are a state-funded and nationally accredited, non-denominational preschool.

We are proud of our close relationship with children and their families, we unite to provide the best possible experience for the children who attend First Congregational Preschool.  We utilize a parent information app called Tadpoles to keep families informed about our daily happenings, including daily photos of your child in the classroom.  We also have daily updates on white boards outside each classroom as well as monthly newsletters.

Our teacher to child ratio is exceptional, 1 teacher to 8 students, all classrooms have 3-4 teachers for the group.  Teachers and groups are set for the school year.  We believe that the root of good, quality care is the relationships that we enjoy with our families and children.