Our program is designed to develop the basic skills and creativity of children through a wide variety of activities.  We utilize child interests to provide rich experiences for the growth and development of preschool children.  Teachers facilitate learning through designed preschool play.  Our curriculum and environment are designed to foster the development of children’s critical thinking skills.  Monthly enrichment includes field trips, as well as visitors to our preschool.

3 and 4 year old half day and school day programs are available.

Child requirements:  Children need to be age 3 or age 4 (depending on class) by December of the school year.  Children need to have a physical exam upon entering, and also need to be toilet trained.

Family requirements:  Families are required to provide snacks on a regular basis.  All families are strongly encouraged to participate in the classroom on a monthly basis.

Staff: Silvia DiMella, Melanie Grice, Sue Jenkin, Meagan Levesque, Sarah Levesque, Melissa McCray, Stacy Martell,  Michelle Tommell

Fees:  A registration fee is to be paid at the time of registration.  All monthly  payments are to be paid one month in advance.  Parents who are unable to send in snack for the 3 and 4 year old classes will be charged an extra $15 per month.

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