Help your child love reading!

Read to them! That simple, that easy, that powerful.

Parents are children’s first and most influential teachers.  Reading is one of the earliest shared experiences between parent and child.

Children learn to read by being read to.  Research shows that children that are read to, are much more likely to love to read and to enjoy reading. When a child enjoys reading, they read, helping to solidify the skill of reading. If a child can read well and enjoys reading, everything else is much easier.

In addition to the warm physical feeling of sitting with a parent or adult when reading, reading aloud expands your child’s vocabulary and their world. It creates an appreciation of the value of print, promotes knowledge of the mechanics of reading from the top to the bottom of the page, from left to right, and helps them to understand the sequence of events that form a story.

Setting aside time every day, even if only one story, sends the message that reading is important, helps you to connect with your child and fosters a pleasurable experience connected to reading.

Help your child collect books, owning their own books helps a child to value reading and books.  There is pleasure in going to your own bookshelf and picking a book from one of your collection.  Books make wonderful gifts, when adults ask for suggestions for gift giving, ask for books for your child.

Let you child pick a story, cuddle up and enjoy the moment! Not only are you connecting with your child, giving them a pleasurable experience around books, and reading, but you are also setting them up for future school success.

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